About us

Recordspad is a Nigerian Software company. We design and develop Enterprise Software Solutions (Web and Mobile App Development), Internet Services and ICT Consulting.
Our services are designed to drive operational efficiency, to enable businesses achieve sustainable growth.

Our Vision

To be globally recognized as the leading company in creating innovative technology solutions for businesses.

Our Mission

To provide custom software solutions to better manage, grow and improve businesses and institutions.


Our values are fixed on quality, creativity, fascination, mastery and customer intimacy. We are passionate about our customers, as our services are always tailored to efficiently solve theirproblems and meet their requirements.

Our Services

Enterprise Application Software (EAS)

We create enterprise application software for all businesses. Be it web or mobile platforms, our EAS are designed to drive operational efficiency and tailored to blend seamlessly with the business structure to achieve sustainable growth.

Network infrastructure

We provide reliable high speed internet services for all businesses and institutions. Our network engineers are experienced in the design and implemention of Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and Campus Area Network (CAN).

ICT Consulting

Our team of highly qualified and experienced consultants provide expert advice on diverse issues to enable you enjoy more value from your IT.

Every project begins with an idea. Let's bring yours to life.

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